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Plan & pricing

PhotoEditingbd is a world of photo beauty enhancing company with a group of photo experts
where they are always online to take care of your portraits.


  • Skin retouching
  • Under eye bags fix
  • Teeth whitening
  • Eyes Enhancing iris color
  • Removing objects
  • Background editing- white
  • Adjust lighting
  • Following client’s style


  • Blemishes removal
  • Blinks correction
  • Reflections correction
  • Shadow and highlight enhancement
  • Stone editing
  • Ring mounting redraw.
  • Following Client’s reference photo


  • Light Beauty Correction
  • High End Beauty Correction
  • High End Eye Retouching
  • High End Hair Retouching
  • High End Background Retouching
  • Jewelry retouching
  • Following client’s style


  • Unwanted object remove
  • Wrinkle reduction
  • Face Slimming
  • Photo Reshaping
  • Red eye removal
  • Add or Remove people/Head Swap
  • Change color of clothing


  • Removing Pink pimples, Milia, peeling skin
  • Red skin correction
  • Exposure correlation
  • Adjust light and shadow
  • Removing unnecessary parts
  • Drawing eyebrows
  • Smooth out the folds of clothing
  • Following Client’s reference photo


  • Handmade clipping path
  • Adding shadow
  • Adding reflection
  • Basic retouching
  • Color correction
  • Crop & resize

Clipping Path Services

  • Basic Path-$0.40
  • Simple Path-$0.55
  • Complex Path-$2.75

Image Masking Servics

  • Hair Masking-$1.35
  • Layer Masking-$1.70
  • Alpha Masking-$1.70

Image Retouching Services

  • Basic Retouch-$0.75
  • Medium Retouch-$1.45
  • complex Retouch-$4.00

Ghost Mannequin

  • Remove Mannequin-$0.90
  • Neck Joint-$1.30
  • Symmetrical Neck Joint-$2.00

Multi Clipping Path

  • Simple Multi Clipping Path-$1.25
  • Medium Multi Clipping Path-$3.75
  • Complex Multi Clipping Path-$7.5

Color Correction

  • Simple Color Correction-$0.65
  • Exposure Color Correction-$1.60
  • Color Conversion-$6.0

Background Removal

  • Car Background Removal-$0.70
  • People Background Removal-$1.20
  • Sky Background Removal-$4.20

Shadow Making

  • Keep Shadow-$0.50
  • Drop Shadow-$0.45
  • Create Shadow-$1.30

Image Reflection

  • Keep Orginal Reflection-$0.60
  • Create Simple Reflection-$1.45
  • Create Complex Reflection-$2.50

Image Manipulation

  • Simple Image Manipulation-$0.95
  • Medium Image Manipulation-$1.65
  • Complex Image Manipulation-$3.0

Photo Restoration Services

  • Simple Photo Restoration-$3.25
  • Medium Photo Restoration-$5.50
  • complex Photo Restoration-$11.00

Raster to Vector Services

  • Simple Vector-$2.40
  • Medium Vector-$3.70
  • Complex Vector-$8.20

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Photo Editing BD is a world of photo beauty enhancing company with a group of
photo experts where they are always online to take care of your portraits.

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